Riefler Project

Description of the clock:
Astronomical precision pendulum clock D353, nickel ray-pendulum with layering compensation No. 1737 - type Jsch (DRPNo 100870) from 1912 with Riefler spring force escapement (DRP No: 50739), airtight case with copper cylinder from Clemens Riefler.

Executed work:
Disassembling and cleaning of the movement, manufacturing the gold-contact spring for electrical minute winding mechanism, assembly, oiling and adjustment of the movement, adjustment of performance with a result of 0,029 s/d performance variation.

movement assembled on the copper cylinder, movement Riefler precision pendulum clock with spring force escapment and liftign and resting wheel

disassembled movement of Riefler precision pendulum clock with dial, Steffen Cornehl on the work bench with the dismantled Riefler precision pendulum clock