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A. Lange und Soehne Deutsche Uhrenfabrikation (DUF) pocket watch

A. Lange & Söhne DUF savonette pocket watch

Discription of the watch

Typ: Savonette pocket watch

Zime:  1898

Origin: Glashuette / Germany

Discription: Savonette-pocket watch, 585er rose gold case, enamel dial

Case: Gold case 585er (Swiss hallmark "squirrel"and German hallmark "crown and sun"), Lucia Form  case Nr. 51.xxx

Dial: Enamel dial with roman digits, signiture: A. Lange und Soehne - Deutsche Uhrenfabrikation Glashuette

Movement: Glashuetter lever escapement, Breguet hairspring, crown winding with Malteser

taking apart of the movement, cleaning of all parts, removing the old oil and the dust, cleaning and polishing of the pinions, adjust the escapement, manipulating the hairspring, assembling the movement, regulating the watch.

Further Restorations